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License Refresher
Drivers who have obtained their desired level of licensing may require a refresher after not actively using their commercial license for an extended period of time. Danbro Truck Training has designed a specialized refresher course that will update students on any new driving regulations that have come into effect and will provide students with the renewed confidence to start out again in the transportation industry.

Our course starts with a 1 hour driving evaluation with one of our certified TTSAO (Truck Training Schools of Ontario) in-cab instructors who will provide students with a written evaluation of their current skill level. We will then work with our students to customize a 6-10 hour refresher program that will prepare students for any company road test.

License Refresher Package

  • Air Brake
  • Current Pre-trip Inspection Regulations
  • In-cab Inspection
  • Progressive Shifting
  • Coupling and Uncoupling
  • Backing Techniques
Once the refresher course has been completed, students will be eligible to access Danbro’s lifetime employment assistance program to help students find the right transportation job. Please call and let us customize a refresher program that is right for you.

Does not require approval under the Private Career College’s Act 2005.

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